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Jonah Hale Photography is committed to being a high-quality digital media provider for the creative professional. From headshots and lifestyle to events and weddings, and everything in between, you will be provided with unmatched prices and unrivaled service. Jonah Hale Photography is sure to be your go-to photography brand for years to come.







The package for when you need something fast or specific to land you your dream role. Or maybe your LinkedIn is just in desperate need of an upgrade.​




It’s time for something new. A fresh start and pictures that feel like you.​

Headshots + LifeStyle

The combo Package


You're a barista at 7, a voice teacher at 4, and staring on broadway at 8. This package will showcase it all and get you everything you need and more.





Pictures of you being you. The package that makes your dreams a reality... well the small ones anyway.




Same as the MINI, but bigger. The package that makes your dreams a reality...yes even the big ones.

The Concept Package


The conceptual portrait session of your dreams. where all your weird, fun, and creative ideas come to life. Ideal for creatives, musicians, companies, and more.


FREELANCE/hourly rate
Starting at $250/hr





Wedding/Engagement Combo

Save up to $250

Book both an engagement or proposal shoot AND the Wedding and save up to  $250!!!

Engagements and Proposals


Starting at $800​​

Full Wedding Day

Starting at $1850

Don't See a package thats right for you?

let's make something custom for you!


What's the process like for shooting, choosing, and getting my photos?

Each photo session is a unique and personalized experience. I strive to make each photoshoot a fun, safe, and relaxing experience. Once you arrive we will get settled, turn on some music, and start shooting.

Depending on the package you chose, we’ll take somewhere between 200 and 800 photos. Most of those will be bad. Maybe I moved, maybe you blinked, but that's ok! That's why we take so many.

After the shoot, I will start the uploading process so I can share the photos with you. You will receive a full watermarked digital gallery where you can sort, rate, and choose the ones you'd like me to edit.

Typically I get the unedited gallery to you the day after your shoot. You are also welcome to stay and choose your photos on-site immediately after your shoot.

Once you have selected the photos, you can expect the edits to the finished and sent to you within 4-8 days.

Your final gallery will be delivered using Pixiset and will be available for download.

How many edited photos (headshots) will I get?

Each package has a predetermined about of final, edited, deliverables. 

Should you want more photos than what comes in your package, I offer additional edits for an extra charge.

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer a 10% discount to all current high school and college students, as well as all Wagner College Alumni.


Where do you shoot?

I am a mobile photographer and I am able to shoot all around the city, however, I typically shoot in my studio on the UWS. Conveniently located close to the 1,2,3, and C,B lines.

What should I wear?

This is probably my most asked question and my least helpful answer. I always say the most important thing is to wear something that feels like you. Wear things you love and feel great in because if you feel good, you're going to look good.

In terms of what not to wear, try to stay away from logos, super crazy patterns, and neon or reflective things.

How many outfits should I bring?

Bring as many outfits as you like. Before we start shooting we'll go through the outfits and make some cuts and make a gameplan of how best to tackle what you've brought. How many we get through just depends on how fast we are shooting and if we like what we're getting.

Can I have the unedited photos/Can I edit them Myself?

Unfortunately no.

I do not give out raw or unedited photos nor do I like other people editing them. If you have a specific request or would like to talk about how I edit, I would be happy to talk about it, however part of what you get when you hire me is my editing style and my "look". The way that I shoot is designed to complement the way that I edit and giving out unedited photos feels like giving out incomplete work.

Can I bring someone with me?

100% yes! If there is a friend or relative that you feel would be helpful to have there, or if you have someone you want to bring to helo with hair or makeup, they are more than welcome!

Other questions?

DM me on Instagram or send me an email, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or if none of those packages seem to fit your needs, I would be happy to discuss and find something that's right for you. 

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